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Kansai University Launched Video Contents on iTunes® U

Kansai University has joined iTunes® U, a section within iTunes® Store (, and has been distributing its video contents for free since May 17. It is the first university outside the Tokyo metropolitan area to join iTunes® U and the fifth among Japanese universities, following Tokyo University, Waseda University, Keio University and Meiji University, which have all joined since last August.

So far, we have released 215 videos, including university and faculty introductions, mock lectures and students' interviews. We have also released "Asuka no Kofun (24 volumes)," a film made by the late Professor Emeritus Yoshinori Aboshi, who was known for the excavation of the colorful wall paintings at Takamatsuzuka Ancient Tomb. "Asuka no Kofun" is a rare film, made in 1998, in which the late Professor Emeritus Aboshi talks about the ancient tomb in the village of Asuka, Nara. The film is available to the public for the first time via iTunes® U.

Our contents are accessible to not only our current students, prospective students, alumni and staff but also to the public at large. Via iTunes® U, we will continue to disseminate information about our education, research and sports, etc., and also to suggest the application of educational materials such as lessons or open lectures in terms of a ubiquitous society.

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Kansai University on iTunes U
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June 14, 2011 03:31 PM UP

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