Development of
Global Human Resources

2014 to 2023 Internationalization Strategy: Triple-I Initiatives

 Kansai University's Intercultural Immersion Initiatives (Triple I) are aimed at creating an environment for producing the next generation of global human resources, and we hope to achieve these initiatives by 2023.
 Through these educational reforms, we will enhance the English education we provide to increase foreign language and communication ability of all our students to a level suitable for succeeding as a member of a global society.  In addition, we will aim to create an immersion space in which Japanese and international students can learn together, such as by actively promoting both the sending of Japanese students overseas and the admission of international students as well as utilizing ICT to enable learning via remote interaction.

International Education

 Our University has established the Center for International Education, which provides pre- and post-education as well as other services for students hoping to study abroad.  In addition, the Center provides education on Japanese/Japan research as well as livelihood support for international students admitted to the University in various ways.
 We also implement educational programs on Japanese language and culture.  To respond to the various learning needs of international students, we also provide special courses to support such students enrolled at our University, including a preparatory course (the Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course), the Japanese Language and Culture Course―which gives students the opportunity to study the Japanese languate and culture for six months or one year―and a two to three-week Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course.

Courses for Development of Global Human Resources

Establishment of the Global Subject Group

 Kansai University offers a program designed to develop human resources capable of succeeding in a global society.  In the program, students will start by gaining an understanding of cultural differences and prepare to study abroad.  Students will then participate in a study abroad program, and then undertake immersion education after they return home to effectively improve their newly acquired skills.  In addition to the "Global Frontier Courses" consisting of eight specialized fields, the program covers a wide variety of subjects to improve language skills and prepare for study abroad.  Such courses include "Skill Up for Study Abroad," "Overseas Training," "Foreign Language Practice” and more.  All classes are conducted in English with a few exceptions, so that international students can also take these courses, which transforms the class into a global environment and all attendees can cultivate an international mindset.

Overseas Partner Universities

 Kansai University collaborates with 205 partner universities and has concluded student exchange agreements with 144 of them.  In addition, we dispatch students not only to study abroad but also for intensive language seminars as well as summer and winter programs. 

 * This information is current as of May of 2023.



 The Mi-Room (Multilingual Immersion Room) is a space where students have the opportunities to experience cross-cultural communication and improve their foreign language skills for different purposes, such as preparing for study abroad.  Generally, the Mi-Room is used as a space for interaction between international students and local Japanese students.  When the main area is open, they can enter and leave at any time.  The Mi-Room also runs language learning programs for English and other languages from all over the world.  These programs are offered by the representative staff and Global Teaching Assistants (GTAs: international students from around the world and Japanese students with rich international experience).  As such, many students gather there and enjoy exploring the new world.