Other Support

Accident Insurance System

 The main types of insurance handled by our University are Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research ("Gakkensai") and Liability Insurance Coupled with "Gakkennsai".
 We also have a Kansai University Mutual Aid Insurance System, which covers a certain percentage of the premiums paid by Kansai University students and is intended to help them in the case of unforeseen accidents and illness.

Extracurricular Education Programs

 To achieve its goal of providing diverse learning opportunities, the Center for Student Affairs offers various programs―including first aid training sessions incorporating AED and fieldwork related to human rights issues such as those that are useful in terms of life as a university student to others aimed at the mastery of liberal arts intended to enrich one's life.

Part-Time Work

 As one benefit as a Kansai University student, we introduce part-time work via the Internet.  Students who register for the "Bitonet (Student Part-Time Work Information Network) " can use computers, smartphones, and similar devices to browse part-time job listings.
 In addition, we have specified several restricted occupations―including occupations involving dangers and others that are not conducive to a rewarding education―and our service only provides listings of part-time jobs from which restricted occupations have been screened out.

Commuting Rules

 To help preserve the living environment of the local community and prevent accidents while commuting to school, our University generally prohibits commuting to school by automobile, motorcycle or electric scooter.  However, vehicles may be permitted to enter the university in exceptional cases, such as when they must be used by persons with disabilities and when they are necessary for students to load or unload equipment, etc.
 In addition, bicycle parking spaces are available on the premises, and we strive to maintain an on-campus environment conducive to learning.  To help ensure everyone's comfort as they go about their daily lives, we also regularly implement awareness-raising campaigns intended to improve school-commute manners and call for everyone to purchase bicycle insurance.

Lost and Found

 If you lose personal property or find property that does not belong to you on the University premises, please visit the nearest office (the Class Support Station, Student Support Division, Sports Promotion Division, University Library, Central Gymnasium, Center for Information Technology, each Campus Office.).
 Property found at the Senriyama Campus will be kept at the relevant office for up to two weeks―or until property owner collects their item―and then sent to the lost property area.  Property found at other campuses will be kept at the corresponding Campus Office.  Note that property for which we do not hear from the owner within three months of the notification date will be disposed of.

Student Life Fact-Finding Surveys

 To improve the quality of our education, how the University is managed and faciliated, and our student services, we often employ the use of surveys to gain an understanding of our students' opinions.