Student Counseling

  • Matters Related to Student Life in General

    Center for Student Affairs (University Counseling Room) Each Campus Office
     These rooms provide counseling related to university student life in general, including interpersonal relationships, home life situations, personal finances, extracurricular activities, dealing with various peronalities, and managing your mental well-being.  If you ever find it difficult to resolve or deal with issues based on your own abilities or judgment, please feel free to contact them.
  • Matters Related to Learning

    Center for Academic Affairs (Student Counseling Room) Each Faculty/Campus Office
     These rooms provide counseling related to difficulties and anxieties pertaining to learning (schoolwork, including struggles with courses, grades, and other aspects of learning) as well as absence, withdrawal, faculty transfers, and other school register matters.  Each faculty has teachers possessing both professional scholarship and extensive experience related to student counseling.
  • Matters Related to Learning Support for Students with Disabilities

    Center for Student Study & Counseling
     The Center has coordinators who assist students with disabilities.  The Center cooperates with departments both on and off campus to provide them with organizational support, in response to consultation with such students.  In addition, trained student support staff also assist with various activities in this center.
  • Matters Related to Harassment

    Harassment Counseling Office
     This Office provides counseling related to harassment and consists of 21 faculty & staff counselors as well as two outside experts.  These professionals will take any struggles or difficulties you face seriously and will protect your confidentiality as they work with you to resolve any problems.

    Kansai University has zero tolerance for harassment!(PDF)
  • Matters Related to Psychological Counseling

    Student Counseling Rooms
     Each campus is equipped with a dedicated space where psychological counseling is offered by a team of experienced professionals, including Certified Public Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists.  Should you find yourself dealing with a personal matter that feels challenging or if you simply wish to talk to someone, please feel free to reach out to them.