Student Services

Student Services

Student Life


 To provide reliable support to students ready to achieve their goals, Kansai University has set up a diverse scholarship system, through which we offer financial aid to students highly motivated to learn.

Club and Group Activities

Student Counseling

 Our specialized faculty and professional staff members provide on-demand counseling in response to various struggles and problems related to student life.  Students who are not sure where to receive counseling are encouraged to visit the Center for Student Study & Counseling or applicable Campus Office.

Health Management
(Medical Center)

 We provide support aimed at the maintenance and promotion of healthy lifestyles for Kansai University students as well as children, kindergartners, and faculty members.

Student Dormitories and Housing Placement

 At the International Student Dormitory, both local and international students live together, fostering a dynamic environment where diverse values intersect, and a global mindset flourishes through daily interactions.  Moreover, the dormitory offers exclusive programs aimed at nurturing students' personal and professional growth, enhancing their skills and understanding of global perspectives.

Other Support

 We implement various initiatives to help ensure that all students can confidently focus on their schoolwork and extracurricular activities, thereby leading fulfilling student lives.  Information on support we provide to assist students with their lives while enrolled at Kansai University―including part-time work, our accident insurance system, and our extracurricular education programs―is provided.


Employment Data

 This section contains information on our University's job seeking results, including the employment rate, job seeking information on particular industries and companies, and a list of places of employment.

Work Experience Internship Program

Enhance job consciousness through working experience at company and organization

 The work experience internship programs provide students with work experience related to their major or future career goals while studying at university.  Internships are an important opportunity to gain real-world experience. Based on our university motto and philosophy, GAKU-NO-JITSUGE (Harmony between Academia & Society), we believe our internship programs can ignite students' passion for their future careers and elevate their understanding of employment dynamics by bridging theoretical knowledge gained in university with real-world experiences.
 Kansai University offers many support services to accommodate the growing influx of internship students each year.  To fully enhance the educational effects of internship experiences, various preparatory courses are held before and after the internship to improve its quality, which plays a vital role in job-hunting activities.


Courses for Acquiring Qualifications and Skill Enhancement
(Extension Center)

  With the aim of supporting students in their career development and job hunting, we offer a various courses for acquiring qualifications, enhancing skills and preparing for national examinations.  These courses include preparation courses for TOEIC, IELTS, civil service examinations, and digital skills enhancement.

Teacher-Training Programs
(Center for Teacher Certification & Development)

 We offer both teacher-training programs aimed at helping students obtain teacher's licenses and programs for obtaining qualifications as librarians, librarian-teachers, museum curators, and social education managers.  In addition to the teacher-training programs, we offer "interview preparation seminars" and "written test preparation web courses" for teacher recruitment exam takers.