Kansai University Initiatives

Kansai University

SDGs Initiatives

 In December of 2018, Kansai University established the KANDAI for SDGs Promotion Project under the President, and the University strives to achieve the philosophy and objectives of the SDGs―to leave no one behind―on a global scale.

Initiatives for the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan

 Kansai University will do its utmost to create a bright future for all through Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, and to show Osaka’s strength to the world.  Under the slogan "It is Kansai University that makes the Expo,” the KANDAI Expo Project is taking on the challenge of implementing various measures to demonstrate its presence as a leading university in Osaka and to provide an invaluable experience for its students.  To deliver the excitement of the Expo, the KANDAI Expo Club was established, and faculty, staff, and students are working together to create a future society where everyone can shine.

DX Promotion

 Digital Transformation (DX) is rapidly advancing in various contexts.  Under its unique "DX Promotion Concept," Kansai University has established a system to support students' learning by sharing and using educational resources throughout the university.  In order to encourage the active learning of students, the university has developed an educational environment employing digital technologies.  This includes ICT based learning through a BYOD approach.  Furthermore, DX promotes the smart campus initiative, which aims to solve past and present issues and be compatible with the next generation of society.

Environmental Initiatives

 Kansai University strives to build a sustainable university and achieve carbon neutrality, including the development of human resources who can think and act based on an awareness of the global environment, the creation of environmentally friendly campuses, and environmental preservation activities both on and off campus.

Promotion of Diversity

 Under the Kansai University Diversity Promotion Declaration, we are implementing various initiatives to address diversity issues in education, research, social collaboration, and internationalization.

Internal Quality Assurance

 In February of 2017, Kansai University formulated a policy of internal quality assurance, and the university strives to improve the quality of its educational, research, and social contribution activities while also promoting initiatives aimed at explicitly clarifying that such activities are at a suitable level.

Self-Assessment Activities

 The Kansai University Self-Assessment Committee conducts self-assessments aimed at improving our University's level of education, achieving our social mission, and actively publishing related information for society.

Substance Abuse Prevention Initiatives

 Using past policy results as a reference, Kansai University continuously plans, drafts, and collects information pertaining to activities intended to raise awareness of illegal drugs and similar issues.

Passive Smoking Prevention Initiatives

 On October 1, 2011, Kansai University made its grounds and facilities no-smoking zones with the exception of designated smoking areas.  The University is also strengthening its initiatives to further reduce the number of smokers in the hope of achieving a truly smoking-free school.