Promotion of Educational Development

Promotion of Educational Development

Learning at Kansai University

Kansai University students receive education based on three pillars of abilities required by society.

 The Division for Promotion of Educational Development supports the overall educational activities of our university, including general education promotion, faculty and educational development, and support to help students obtain teacher's licenses.  Kansai University has built a learning system based on three pillars: major education courses specific to each faculty, general education courses, and foreign language courses.  By providing a truly university-style education that goes beyond the confines of individual faculties and provides students with diverse knowledge and values, Kansai University imbues students with not only the expertise of each faculty but also character-building, intelligence and culture as well as foreign language ability, thereby establishing a foundation that enables each student to contribute to society in their own way.

Four-Year Learning Progress

Four-Year Learning Progress

General Education Courses

Six subject groups that are not limited to the learning of individual faculties and therefore enable students to acquire a broad education

 Kansai University offers a rich variety of general education courses organized into six subject groups from which students can freely choose based on their interests.  These courses enable students to develop broad perspectives and abilities necessary to succeed in society.  These courses are not simply introduced as part of university education.  They also offer opportunities to interact with society as well as cross-disciplinary learning that goes beyond the confines of individual faculties.

Foreign Language Courses

Courses that increase practical foreign language ability to provide students with a truly global approach

 Because foreign language ability is a necessity in a wide range of fields, Kansai University offers classes in eight languages, including Japanese.  Students can therefore acquire knowledge and skills related to the selected language, and they can also use our various systems―including overseas language training―to learn about the culture and history behind the language to develop their foreign language ability.

Major Education Courses

 These highly specialized class subject groups are specific to each of Kansai University's 13 faculties.  Each faculty provides a curriculum designed to help achieve that faculty's philosophy.  Each student therefore has an opportunity to pursue knowledge in line with their curiosity.

Division for Promotion of Educational Development

Educational Reform Initiatives and Learning Support

Institutional Research Project

  Kansai University is promoting Institutional Research (IR).  The core of this project is the Educational IR Project, established under the Division for Promotion of Educational Development.  Its role involves facilitating data-driven decision-making to promote student learning and development.  Through an analysis of various surveys and data, including visualization using BI tools, multifaceted feedback, and human resource development, this project contributes to the substantiation of Kansai University's internal quality assurance.

Learning Commons

 The Learning Commons are intended to support the independent study of our students.  Students can freely use the computers, projectors, whiteboards, and other facilities. The environment is suitable for group learning, study groups, and other similar purposes.

BYOD(Bring Your Own Device)

 To help develop and support students' autonomous learning abilities, Kansai University recommends that they bring their own devices (BYOD), such as laptop computers and tablets.

Writing Lab

 The Writing Lab is a facility that helps students with writing (document composition).  At Kansai University's Writing Lab, trained tutors support students and help them with the writing of reports and papers as well as other types of documents related to university life, including motivation letters for studying abroad and internships.