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Efforts in International Research

As an important area of academic exchange, we encourage interaction with overseas researchers.
There are a number of exchange programs in place at Kansai University to support interaction with overseas researchers, such as the "Domestic and Overseas Researcher Program," in which our researchers can conduct research activities at domestic and overseas research institutions, the "Exchange Scholars Program" and the "Visiting Scholars Program."

Dispatching Researchers

There are the following researcher dispatch programs in place at Kansai University:

Accepting Researchers

Kansai University accepts researchers from overseas as "Exchange Scholars from Overseas" or "Visiting Scholars."
Also, the university accepts faculty members, researchers, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students from an overseas university or educational or research institution who have applied by submitting an application form to Kansai University, as "Scholars from Overseas."

External Funds (International Collaborations)

Kansai University Overseas Challenge Program for Ph.D. students

Kansai University has a system to provide financial support enabling students to engage in research activities overseas, with the aim of promoting international joint research and co-authored papers and fostering exceptional young researchers who are expected to be internationally active in the future.

Recruitment period Around July and February Total of 2 openings
Number of Adopters Approximately 4 persons per year
Application Qualifications Applicants who meet all of the following criteria
(1) Those who wish to engage in joint research with overseas researchers for a relatively long period of time (3 months to 1 year or less).
(2) Applicants who are applying for the JSPS Overseas Challenge Program for Young Researchers.
(3) Those who are enrolled in the doctoral course of the Kansai University.
Funds Provided Travel and accommodation expenses up to a total of 1,000,000 yen