Community and Business Partnerships

Community and Business Partnerships

Society, Community, High School, and University Partnerships

As a knowledge creation hub, Kansai University strives to give intellectual resources back to society and effectively utilize such resources.
By developing the next generation of human resources, we aim to contribute to society in far-reaching ways.

 The objective of the Division of Community and Business Partnerships is to contribute to society in a general sense through the promotion of business, government, and university partnership projects, the creation, protection, and use of intellectual property, community cooperation, high school and university partnership projects, and similar pursuits.  The division consists of six centers and one organization, and the division serves as an interface between Kansai University and society to ensure that the University's human and intellectual resources are useful for developing the real world while also facilitating interaction between them.

Division of Community and Business Partnership

  • Carbon Neutrality Research Center (CNRC)
    Carbon Neutrality Research Center (CNRC)

     The center conducts joint research and disseminates information focusing on a carbon-neutral society. The center contributes to the conservation of the global environment from multiple perspectives. This includes the advancement of human resources and the creation of new technologies by using all available educational and research resources at the center.

    government agencies,
    the community

Interaction across Industries

Through interaction between different industries, we are creating a new hub where the community, members of society, and the University can collaborate together.

 The Umeda Campus KANDAI Me RISE Club is a new and innovative cooperative base that differs from the workplace or home.  This inclusive space, open to all, features a library with over 3,000 books and offers diverse avenues for collaboration, enabling individuals to enhance their capabilities by engaging with new information and leveraging human resources.

Community Interaction

We aim to be a university open to the community by using all our available resources to promote exchange and facilitate activities.

 As an institution of higher education, we are the core of the community.  Therefore, we strive to go beyond the confines of existing frameworks and methods as we conduct various activities aimed at the further vitalization and promotion of interaction in terms of the culture, daily life, and various other aspects of the community.