International Exchange and Studying Abroad

International Exchange
and Study Abroad

Division of International Affairs

 Following the "Internationalization Strategy TRIPLE-I 2014-2023," the Division of International Affairs actively promotes genuinely global human resources with a rich international perspective and advanced communication skills.  Furthermore, by realizing an immersion space through cross-cultural exchange, we are developing various programs to enable global and Japanese students to use each other's language and foster diverse values and problem-solving skills inside and outside the classroom.

Development of Global Human Resources

 In response to the need for outstanding human resources with an international way of thinking, our University utilizes various education programs to develop truly global human resources possessing advanced foreign language and communication ability as well as the skills to understand different cultures.

International Research

 To support interaction with overseas researchers, our University has various systems for conducting research activities with research institutes both within and outside Japan.

International Cooperation

 In addition to education and research, we conduct a wide variety of activities related to contributing, volunteering, and otherwise cooperating internationally.  We also provide guidance and seminars on international cooperation, take other steps to create an environment that facilitates student interest in such cooperation, and make suggestions regarding how our University thinks international cooperation should be.

Study Abroad

 For Kansai University students interested in studying abroad, we offer medium and long-term study abroad programs enabling students to earn credits in foreign countries, intensive language seminars during spring and summer vacation, and various other study-abroad programs in accordance with the objectives and desired study periods of our students.

International Student Admission

 Our University actively provides learning opportunities to international students from overseas. This includes opportunities to study abroad to earn a degree as part of a regular program, exchange programs with partner universities, and our graduate-school foreign research student system.

Overseas Offices

 Kansai University has 7 overseas offices.  These offices support overseas research activities and exchange of researchers, academic exchange with overseas partner universities, exchange with alumni who are active overseas, and international public relations activities such as recruitment of international students.

Main Activities for Promoting Globalization