University Philosophy

University Philosophy

Philosophy and Objectives

Our Philosophy: GAKU-NO-JITSUGE (Harmony between Academia and Society)

 Kansai University pursues educational research activities under the university motto: GAKU-NO-JITSUGE (Harmony between Academia & Society).  "GAKU-NO-JITSUGE" was proposed by Juntaro Yamaoka in 1922, who was the General Trustee when Kansai University was endorsed as a university.  Even now, 100 years after it was proposed, the university motto, "GAKU-NO-JITSUGE," still plays an essential role by acting as a compass and directing how the university should proceed into the future.  This motto indicates that the university incorporates real-world knowledge and experience into its education and research.  In the same way, modern society uses the university's academic research results in various ways, thereby pursuing "Harmony between Academia and Society."
 To achieve the goals outlined in this motto, Kansai University strives to develop human resources possessing both the skills and the will to overcome the difficulties of our increasingly uncertain society.  Our highly skilled and motivated people will have the ability to create a new future based on a deep respect for diversity.

Kandai Vision 150

Envisioning the Future,
and Embracing the Challenges
Kandai Vision 150

 In 2016―to commemorate its 130th year of existence―Kansai University formulated Kandai Vision 150 as a set of principles to guide our future development in line with our vision of the University 20 years from now.
 Kandai Vision 150 is based on both an overall vision and four specific perspectives: education, research, contribution to society, and management. It clarifies our vision for Kansai University 20 years from now and details our policy objectives for the next ten years.  These policy objectives are broken down into both five-year medium-term action plans and one-year business plans.  In order to achieve these goals, Kansai University is establishing systems for steadily promoting our vision.

A Message from the Chairperson of
the Board of Trustees

Following the University's CentenaryKeiji Shibai, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Kansai University
Keiji Shibai, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Kansai University

 Kansai University's 19th Board of Trustees was inaugurated in October of 2020, and I assumed office as its Chairperson.  Given that I oversee the entire Kandai Group―which includes not only 35,000 students and others but also 500,000 alumni―I take my responsibilities extremely seriously.
 In 1886, Kansai University was founded in Osaka as Kansai Law School with the support of Korekata Kojima―who was the Chief Justice of the Osaka Court of Appeals at the time―and the school's teachers included incumbent judges and public prosecutors.  Since the acquisition of University Status, in line with our university motto, which calls for the realization of GAKU-NO-JITSUGE (Harmony between Academia & Society), we have consistently strived to enlighten and educate both society and the people.
 We have encountered many hardships during our long history, but we have successfully overcome all of them, thanks to the support of the people of Osaka and many others.  Kansai University celebrated its centenary in 2022.  This was an excellent opportunity to reaffirm both the fact that our promotion was achieved with the support of Osaka's financial world as well as our vitality at the time.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe for the past three years, the schools established by our organization suffered from a variety of restrictions, and many students and others faced many challenges.  However, thanks to both the enthusiasm of our faculty members as well as the goodwill of our alumni and other stakeholders.  I am confident that we have overcome these hardships as well.
 In October 2023, the "Suita Mirai Campus" opened as the university's fifth campus.  In addition to the construction of athletic facilities and international dormitory, we are making preparations for the establishment of the Faculty of Business Data Science (envisaged) in April 2025.
 Our long-term vision now is to look toward our organization's 150th anniversary.  In this vision, we hope to continue to make progress in education, research, social contribution, and organizational management.  This is a unique opportunity for each of our constituents to communicate their ideas and thoughts about how we define ourselves and advance in these areas in the future.  This is because free and open discussion is the wellspring of the vitality of any private school, including Kansai University.

 In this age of diversity, how can Kansai University survive and lead the way?

 As we confront this question, I look forward to the support and encouragement of the students and faculty members of our established schools as we promote discussion and take on the associated challenges as one.

A Message from the President

The courage and power to changeYutaka Maeda, President, Kansai University
Yutaka Maeda, President, Kansai University

 Kansai University, which has a 138-year history, celebrated its 100th anniversary of its promotion to university status in 2022.  There were many issues to be solved at the time, but, with the support and cooperation of many people - led by Mr. Junataro Yamaoka- Kansai University successfully achieved university status.  The university motto, “Gaku-no-JITSUGE (harmony between academia and society),” was proposed then and is still our academic principle.
 The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the world's economy, culture, and education.  On the other hand, international conflicts such as the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and the tragic disaster in Israel and Gaza are serious threats to global peace.   Additionally, challenges represented by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are important tasks for us.
 Now, we have to develop new perspectives through these various challenges.  Fostering talents who can lead a global society and conducting innovative research for sustainability are interconnected aspects of multicultural education and research aimed at building a sustainable society.  We are convinced that these contribute to global peace and the stability of societal foundations.
 As stated in the motto Gaku-no-JITSUGE, the harmony between academia and society refers to the interaction between university education and research and real-world social dynamics.  To this end, we need to make Kansai University a place that constantly strives to make sense of the unpredictable, is unafraid of change, and is willing to take on challenges.  Changes make our future. The courage and power to change will lead to the evolution of Kansai University.
 We wish to unite Kansai University, where all students, faculty members, alumni, and stakeholders are proud to support and be a part of the University.  I want to ask all of you for your support, understanding, and cooperation.