Handling of
Personal Information

Our Approaches to the Protection of Personal Information

 With the rapid growth of our advanced information and communication society, a large amount of personal information is now being swiftly processed online, and consequently, the protection of personal information has become a socially important issue.  The School Corporation Kansai University, including schools established by the Corporation (hereinafter, “this University”), are committed to fulfilling their responsibility as an educational institution in the information society under the Privacy Policy below.

Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

 It is extremely important to properly use and protect personal information by showing respect for fundamental human rights and privacy protection.  Therefore, all persons engaged in the operations of this University shall comply with applicable laws and regulations and the Kansai University Personal Information Protection Regulations (hereinafter, “Regulations”), and handle personal information carefully and safely in order to protect the personal rights and interests of individuals and uphold social confidence.

2. Action Policy

 To realize the Basic Policy, we will take the following actions:

  • When collecting, managing, using and providing personal information, this University will clarify their purpose, limit use to the scope of the purpose, and handle the information safely and appropriately.
  • This University will not disclose the provided personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the subject, except as prescribed by law.
  • This University will make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of, personal information, and promptly take corrective actions against such risks.
  • This University will set up a Personal Information Protection Committee and appoint a Personal Information Protection Manager to carry out operations under a proper management system of personal information.
  • All persons engaged in the operations of this University will comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and other norms regarding personal information, and will be provided with necessary education and training to understand the importance of their responsibilities and learn specific protection measures.

Sharing of Information

 This University will share information such as student ID numbers, names, addresses and telephone numbers with external bodies of this University, i.e., the Parents’ Association (PTA), the Alumni Association, Kansai University Mutual Aid Association, and academic research societies established by the university for such purposes as the support of education research activities, the promotion of friendship among alumni and alumnae, and the sending of notices regarding support for student life.

3. Regulations

Basic Policy for the Protection of Specific Personal Information

 This University has established the Basic Policy as follows, to ensure that specific personal information (that is, personal information containing an individual number; the same shall apply hereinafter) is handled safely and properly.

1. Compliance with Relevant Laws, Regulations, Guidelines, etc.

 This School will comply with “the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures,” “the Act on the Protection of Personal Information,” and “Guidelines for the Proper Handling of Specific Personal Information (for business operators),” to handle specific personal information properly.

2. Matters regarding Security Control Measures

 This University will implement security control measures for specific personal information by separately establishing the “Regulations for the Handling of Specific Personal Information,” in order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of specific personal information, etc., and manage specific personal information, etc., in an appropriate manner.

3. Contact for Inquiries and Complaints

 This University will respond appropriately, sincerely and promptly to any inquiries or complaints on specific personal information, etc., received at the point of contact in charge of the matter.

Contact for inquiries regarding the protection of specific personal information:
Legal Affairs Division, General Affairs Bureau, Kansai University