関西大学国際化戦略 TRIPLEI構想


A Message from the President

Kansai University Global Educational Reform Initiatives

Kansai University has always been active in two-way international student exchange through various programs of the Division of International Affairs, undergraduate faculties and graduate schools. As the globalization of universities is becoming necessary today more strongly than ever before, Kansai University remains committed to the development of globally competent human resources armed with a mastery of specialized knowledge, outstanding foreign language proficiency, efficient communication skills, the ability to tackle cross-cultural issues and think and act beyond cultural boundaries, and the ability to understand and adapt to different cultures.

Meanwhile, for Japan's further development in this increasingly globalizing world, it is essential to improve the environment of English language education so as to better assist students in realizing substantial progress in their English language competence. Kansai University has already been making efforts in this regard through various measures, such as the formation of separate English language classes based on students' achievement levels as General Education subjects and the operation of a textbook pooling system. Yet, more is needed today, given the urgency of the acquisition of operational foreign language skills expected in a globalized society. Under the educational reform initiatives presented hereunder, by vigorously promoting the improvement of English language education at Kansai University, we aim to construct at the earliest possible time a mechanism that will enable all students to acquire basic foreign language and communication skills responsive to a globalized society.

At the same time, we will promote Intercultural Immersion Initiatives ("Triple-I Initiatives") to provide Japanese and international students with the opportunity to participate together on and off campus in a range of training and academic programs conducted in English so as to develop their communication skills, empathy, creativity, proactive attitudes, and cross-cultural adaptability.

In these envisioned programs, one of Kansai University's unique assets, that is, strong collaborative ties with local communities, will be put to maximum use. The participating Japanese and international students will be able to deepen their understanding of the regional customs and cultures, leading them to a better understanding of Japanese customs and culture and repeated comparative cultural studies. The ultimate purpose of these programs is therefore the personal growth of each student as a person with deep understanding of his or her own culture, respectful of other cultures, and capable of identifying global issues and finding solutions in cooperation with others from different cultural backgrounds. In other words, the Triple I Initiatives also aim at nurturing future global leaders and team players who can face up to challenges in various situations in a collaborative manner.

In Japanese society, in which population aging and birth rate decline are advancing, it is essential that Japanese and foreign residents representing different backgrounds and values cohabit peacefully at the grass-roots level. In view of this, the objectives of these initiatives perfectly resonate with the founding spirit of Kansai University, which has always worked closely with the local communities and dedicated much effort for education of the general public. Although focused on education in their major reform measures in English and other educational subjects, our global educational reform initiatives represent a roadmap to educational reform to realize the University's founding vision.

As already stated, Kansai University has always actively promoted distinctive globalizing measures in its faculties and graduate schools. Under the new initiatives, they will be integrated, rearranged, and developed into diverse programs and measures for the development of next-generation global human resources.

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