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Kansai University Extension Center(KUEX)

Kansai University Extension Center has its location on both the Senriyama Campus and the Takatsuki Muse Campus, and provides students with training opportunities in practical skills like English and book keeping, and offers technical knowledge in areas such as law and accounting.

In order to help Kansai University students realize their future plans and goals, KUEX offers various opportunities through 13 different courses, which are available not only to our students but also to the general public as a means of lifelong education.

KUEX has the following four advantages.

  1. Low-priced, good curriculum - As the aim of the center is not to produce a profit, fees are less expensive than those of technical colleges, although courses are of high quality. Almost all the courses for technical examinations contain practical training such as practice examinations.
  2. Original curriculum - As a result of discussions with trustworthy teachers, courses contain original curriculums at the level of Kansai University students.
  3. Experienced teachers - The teaching ability and kindness of the teachers satisfy students. Of course, you'll be able to ask teachers questions and get advice regarding learning methods outside of class.
  4. An easy environment to learn in - Class starts after Kansai University's regular class hours. This is convenient for students belonging to the University.

All KUEX courses have a good reputation on account of their experienced teachers and specialized curriculums. KUEX supports self-development of each student. In order to provide better courses, we continually develop course contents and create new classes by carefully analyzing the results of questionnaires conducted in each class.

Extension Reed Center (The Extension Center)

New learning Experience

KUEX launched a new program based on the collaboration with UCLA Extension in the United States in 2017. KUEX now provide their online courses at a discount price. The courses are carefully selected from the fields of Business, IT, Language, etc. in accordance to the needs of this globlized modern society. Our aim is to bring high-quality learning experiences to busy working professionals, including students who are to achieve such status in the near future.

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