Number of Faculty
and Staff

Full-Time Faculty Members

Current as of May 1, 2021.

  • Note 1: Professors include contract professors.
  • Note 2: The total number of full-time faculty members based on the Establishment Standards includes the 203 full-time faculty members designated in accordance with the total enrollment capacity of the University.
  • Note 3: Two of the School of Accountancy professors have concurrent posts as stipulated by Article 5-2 of the Professional Graduate School Establishment Standards, including one Faculty of Economics professor and one Faculty of Business and Commerce professor.
  • Note 4: Full-time faculty members of the Graduate School of Psychology (psychology major) and Graduate School of East Asian Cultures are counted as belonging to their main faculty.

Other Faculty Members

  • Note 1: In the concurrent teachers column, if a given concurrent teacher is in charge of multiple departments or majors, each role is counted.
  • Note 2: The number of Faculty of Foreign Language Studies concurrent teachers includes full-time equivalent Specially Appointed Lecturers in Foreign Language Education.  Similarly, the number of Faculty of Health and Well-being concurrent teachers includes full-time equivalent Specially Appointed Lecturers in Health & Physical Education.
  • Note 3: Faculty of Engineering Science visiting professors also act as Graduate School of Science and Engineering visiting professors.
  • Note 4: Regarding the Division of International Affairs, the seven specially appointed lecturers and twelve part-time lecturers of Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course are not counted.
  • Note 5: The four specially appointed professors, one specially appointed associate professors, and six specially appointed assistant professors are not counted.

Ratio of Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty Members

  • Full-time: 36.8% (806 faculty members)
  • Part-time: 63.2% (1,384 faculty members)
  • * Full-time faculty members include full-time equivalent faculty members.
  • * Part-time faculty members include only faculty members who are not full-time or full-time equivalent faculty members.

Annex School Faculty Members

Administrative Staff Members