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KU-ORCAS Online Event: "Archivathon"

On October 26th, KU-ORCAS (Kansai University, Open Research Center for Asian Studies) held an online event "Archivathon" in collaboration with Suita City Museum.

Currently, universities, research institutes and museums around the world have started a movement which involves archiving records of materials that have been affected by COVID-19. The event name "Archivathon" is a compound word consisting of two words, "Archive" and "Marathon". The purpose of this event is to acquire COVID-19 related materials from the general public (including Kansai University professors, researchers and students).

At the beginning of the event, Professor Keiichi Uchida, the director of the KU-ORCAS Center, noted, "This re-emergence of coronavirus makes us rack our brains to explore new lifestyles in the situation where no end can be seen. Today, we hold this opportunity to keep it as a record in the "Corona Archive @ Kansai University".

Nobuhiko Kikuchi, Specially Appointed Associate Professor, introduced the outline of "Corona Archive @ Kansai University", then explained how to post and browse the collected data. Kenji Saotome, a curator of Suita City Museum, followed by explaining the museum's efforts to collect materials and the criteria for selecting and adding them to the collection.

Corona Archive @ Kansai University


Entrance at Library
Photo from "Corona Archive @ Kansai University"

Elevator in Ibunkan
Photo from "Corona Archive @ Kansai University"

November 05, 2020 11:30 AM UP

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