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The Kansai University Library consists of the General Library on the Senriyama Campus and three other branches on the Takatsuki Campus, the Takatsuki Muse Campus and the Sakai Campus. The total holdings of printed books and periodicals amount to approximately 2,310,000 volumes, in addition to which Kansai University Library has a wide range of collection of invaluable manuscripts, 15,000 electronic journal titles, and other materials of various media. The annual acquisition of books, periodicals, and other materials numbers approximately 30,000 volumes.

The General Library is now one of the largest private university libraries in Japan and its layout affords faculty members and students easy access to a full range of library resources. The Reference Room on the first floor is a section for study, equipped with new magazines, reference books, newspapers, maps, EU materials, and CD-ROMs. Designed also as a section where information can be retrieved, the room is equipped with a lot of PCs for that purpose, along with an Internet environment. Users can search for items in Kansai University's collection using the searching system called KOALA (Kansai University OPAC for the Library). In addition, the Learning Commons was created to support student's active learning. The second floor serves as an open-stack reading room housing mainly books, dictionaries and audio-visual materials to aid undergraduate students. The third floor houses three general reading rooms, three group study rooms, and a stack room of rare books, as well as a multi-purpose reading room. The stack room stores the most precious materials (approximately 16,000 titles) among the books stored in the library. And two basement floors are devoted to stacks and carrels for researchers. The following special collections also have detailed catalogues (at present in Japanese only), and are of significant academic value:

The Bible Collection
Early Modern Archives
The Ebara Collection
(Japanese Literature)
The Gembudo Collection
(Confucian Texts and Studies)
The Gokyu Sesso Collection
(Japanese History, Biographies)
The Hakuen Collection
(Chinese Classics)
The Hattori Collection
(European Philosophy)
The Hirose Collection
(English Literature)
The Hosoe Collection
(English Language and Literature)
The Ikuta Collection
(Japanese Literature)
The Iwasaki Yoshitaka Collection
(Japanese Literature, History)
The Iwasaki Uichi Collection
(Politics, Sociology)
The Masuda Wataru Collection
(Chinese Literature)
The Materials in Arts and Literature connected with Osaka
The Miyajima Collection
The Murohara Collection
(Materials concerning the 1957 - 1978 Campaigns against the Construction of Shimouke and Matsubara Dams)
The Nagasawa Collection
(Basic materials for Bibliography)
The Naito Collection
(Chinese Classics, CD-ROM catalogue also published)
The Nakamura Yukihiko Collection
(Early Modern Japanese Literature)
The Yaguchi Collection
(European Economic History)
The Yoshida Collection
(Asian Geography, European Political History)

The first independent library of the Kansai University was founded in 1914. After many changes, the present General Library situated in the heart of Senriyama Campus opened in 1985 and the university library celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2014. As a central resource of scientific information, the Library aims not only to enrich and inherit the collection of classics rooted in the history and tradition of the University, but also to improve and innovate the provision of electronic materials. Following the philosophy of "Succession and Change", we will continue to improve services for our users.

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