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Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Workshop by KU Bridge

KU Bridge, one of the Kansai University peer community groups, provides international students with opportunities to mingle with Japanese students. They organized a Japanese calligraphy workshop on May 26 to introduce international students to Japanese culture and Kanji (Chinese characters).

Members of the Japanese calligraphy club came as special instructors, and taught students from China and America about how to hold the brush and how to write Kanji. While they were talking about how difficult it was their work was actually pretty good. Some of them were so good that we wondered if it was really their first try.

After some practice, it was time to make their own Uchiwa (Japanese fan). Some international students chose to write their favorite Waka (Japanese poem), while some Japanese students wrote Chinese poem they learned from the students from China.

Shodo Workshop_1
Shodo Workshop_2
Shodo Workshop_3
Shodo Workshop_4
Shodo Workshop_5

June 22, 2011 01:51 PM  UP

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