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Welcome Party for New International Students

A welcome reception was held at the Centenary Memorial Hall for the new international students, who came from various countries to study at Kansai University starting this April.

First there was an orientation, where Professor Kite (Director, Center for International Education) asked the students to watch how Japan recovers from the disastrous tragedy caused by one of the largest earthquakes to ever strike the eastern coast of Japan in March.

After some instruction by the Division of International Affairs, Jinxing Bai, President of the International Student Committee, gave a speech to welcome his new friends sharing some funny incidents he experienced when he arrived in Japan.

Then there was a reception, which started with a silent prayer for the people who suffered the recent earthquake. Following that was a speech by President Kusumi, who passionately talked about the meaning of studying at Kansai University as well as studying in the Kansai area. Chairperson Uehara also gave a speech of his own experiences.

Everybody seemed to have a good time mingling for an hour or so after Professor Ueshima (Dean, Division of International Affairs) gave a toast until Professor Bennett closed it with his message of wisdom.

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April 26, 2011 02:33 PM  UP

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