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International Student Daytrip to Shiga

Daytrips are organized by Kansai University for international exchange students to see various aspects of traditional Japanese culture, and as an opportunity to get to know each other better.
This year's tour took students to the Koga district in Shiga Prefecture. Koga is well known for its Ninja, and there is a genuine Ninja house still intact, in which visitors are taught the real story behind these mysterious historical figures. After listening to an entertaining history speech by the proprietor, students were allowed to test their skills on the shuriken (throwing star) range.
Following the Ninja experience, the two buses headed to the Shigaraki pottery village. This area is famous for its production of Tanuki figurines (Japanese racoon dog). The students had a wonderful time painting the pottery figures, which will be fired from now and sent to the university sometime in January as a cute memento of the day.


December 18, 2009 11:17 AM  UP

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