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Kansai University in Osaka


  Osaka, located slightly west of the geographic center of the Japanese archipelago, is part of the Kansai region which covers a broad area including the neighboring cities of Kobe; an international port city, Kyoto; a city of academic pursuits and traditional culture, and Nara; a city of historical heritage.

  Osaka prefecture, the second smallest in the country, has an area of 1,904.99km (2014), accounting for only 0.5% of the nation's total. Surrounded by mountains to the north, east and south, the prefecture faces Osaka Bay to the west. Expansive alluvial plains extend around the Yodo River estuary running into Osaka Bay.

  Lying in the Temperate Zone, Osaka has hot and wet summers frequently over 35°C(95°F). The average temperature for 2002 was approximately 16.7°C(62.1°F) and the annual rainfall was 1,278.5 mm. (from "2014 Annual Report on the website of the Osaka District Meteorological Observatory")

OSAKA castle

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