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School of Law

School of Law Building
School of Law Building

  Law schools in Japan were certified to operate from April of 2004. These law schools follow a new model of graduate legal education, where students are provided professional training to nurture abilities to think legally and develop systematic legal knowledge and practical skills. They could be said to be Japanese versions of American law schools, which are graduate schools attended by individuals wishing to become lawyers, or eventually judges after practicing as lawyers, in the United States. People graduating from these new law schools in Japan will be qualified to take the new bar examination and the doors to the legal professions will be opened to them.

  Kansai University opened a law school in April of 2004, for the purpose of nurturing lawyers as professionals with the skills necessary to solve the newly emerging problems of modern society in the 21st century.

  Kansai University School of Law graduates will develop balanced abilities to both think logically and to practically solve real legal problems. They will also learn to foster their own sense of humanity and sensitivity to the concerns of others, as well as develop a broad knowledge and proper sense of the importance of human rights, ideals of democracy and individual dignity.

  Furthermore, they will develop the ability to devise and adapt creative, day-to-day solutions to new and emerging problems in a diverse and complicated modern society.

  The content of legal education should relate to actual legal practice and foster the qualifications and skills indispensable to becoming an excellent lawyer. To this end, Kansai University School of Law offers courses designed to develop these skills, including legal clinics and seminars on judicial proceedings. Furthermore, each class, as a matter of principle, consists of a small number of students and is taught using interactive methods of discussion such as the Socratic method.

  Enrollment of each academic year is limited to 40 students and the faculty consists of 22 full-time professors, including attorneys with practical experience.

  To facilitate interactive classes in the environment geared toward a small number of students, a new law school building, or "Ibunkan," was built on the Senriyama campus of Kansai University in September, 2003.

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