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School of Accountancy

Graduate School Building
Graduate School Building

Program Descriptions

  The School of Accountancy, established in April 2006, principally educates students who desire to acquire the knowledge and skills essential to become professional accountants, as Certified Public Accountants (CPA), able to work for public interest effectively or to work in business / organization.

  Students completing the course of study will be awarded the degree of MBA in Accountancy, and will also be exempted from the multiple-choice test on the CPA examination, by obtaining the required credits and by applying for the exemption to the Certified Public Accountants Auditing Oversight Board (CPAAOB).

  As a result of international convergence of accounting and auditing education levels, and in the process of reforming Japan's CPA system along with this convergence, the CPAs become required to be professionals rather than technicians on a basis of a public expectation. In order to meet this expectation, our school targets to produce "real" professional accountants with the highest professional ethics and a sound ability to reason. Furthermore, our school has a policy to enroll students with varied potential in areas or fields including commerce, business administration, engineering literature, etc. in order to turn out many competent professionals for various works.


  The pillar of School of Accountancy of Kansai University is to bring theoretical knowledge into practical use that is to produce professional accountants including CPAs with sufficient professional knowledge and skills in accounting and auditing, and to enable each student to exhibit a competitive leadership in a global market. Concretely, our ultimate mission is to bring along professional accountants who can become leaders in the fields of auditing/ assurance, not only in the auditing / assurance, field, but also in (1) finance, (2) law and tax, (3) business administration.

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