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Graduate School of Informatics

Graduate School of Informatics

  The Graduate School of Informatics was formed in 1998. Our students study a broad range of topics such as the effective use and management of computer-based information systems in businesses and organizations. They have the option to take a variety of courses including policy formulation, organizational behavior, management information, and innovation theories. Students nurture the ability to analyze business and organizational issues from an information point of view, and find effective ways to design, implement and manage information systems to meet the tactical and strategic needs of organizations. Our graduate students also analyze the media and communication from linguistic, psychological, sociological, educational, and cultural perspectives. They acquire technical skills in designing, producing, evaluating, and managing the development of interactive digital content and services for the Internet and other forms of media. The curriculum is creative, and constantly being updated in accordance with current technological advances.

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Master's Program

  • Social Informatics Major
  • Intelligent Informatics Major

Doctoral Program

  • Informatics Major
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