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Graduate School of Governance

For a long time, it has been assumed that the main agent for solving various social problems should ultimately be the state, which actually means elected politicians and bureaucrats. However, reflecting the increasingly diverse and complex nature of our society, recently it has become more desirable and necessary for other organizations, including private companies and civic groups, to become involved in the process of designing and governing society. This graduate school was created with the intention of fostering human resources who can actively contribute to this new social condition. We offer a wide range of subjects in social science in order to train public-minded students who are capable of grasping and analyzing social issues, and then finding possible solutions. After learning the basic constructs of social science, students will be expected to apply this knowledge in designing responses to particular problems in society.

Details of Application and Brochure Request (in Japanese only)

Master's Program

  • Governance Major

Doctoral Program

  • Governance Major
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