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Faculties and Undergraduate Degrees

  Kansai University provides its students with extensive knowledge and guidance in such fields as Law, Letters, Economics, Business and Commerce, Sociology,Policy Studies, Foreign Language Studies, Health and Well-being, Informatics, Societal Safety Sciences, Engineering Science, Environmental and Urban Engineering, and Chemistry, Materials, and Bioengineering. It further encourages research in specialized academic disciplines, thus developing the students' practical abilities, as well as intellectual, personal and social insights.
The period of study is four years. Every student that has completed the required courses and fulfilled all academic obligations is awarded a diploma. Graduates are granted the following degrees according to their faculties.

An Entrance Ceremony
An Entrance Ceremony

Faculties Bachelor
Law Law
Letters Arts
Economics Economics
Business and Commerce Business and Commerce
Sociology Sociology
Policy Studies Policy Studies/Legal Policy
Foreign Language Studies Arts in Foreign Language Studies
Health and Well-being Health and Well-being
Informatics Informatics
Societal Safety Sciences Arts and Sciences
Engineering Science Engineering/Science
Environmental and Urban Engineering Engineering
Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering Engineering
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