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Faculty of Health and Well-being

Department of Health and Well-being:
Sport and Wellness Course / Social Work and Well-being Course

Aiming for healthy and spiritually rich living filled with laughter

The Faculty of Health and Well-being intends to conduct education and research aimed at realizing a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, while maintaining a comprehensive appreciation of mind, body and life. Each course in our curriculum focuses on a specific area of inquiry. In the first year, students will acquire fundamental knowledge through classes such as lectures and introductory seminars conducted in relay by faculty members on several themes about sports, welfare and humor studies. Students select courses depending on their individual interests. In their second year, students participate in basic seminars, and then progress to more specialized seminars in the third year, followed by seminars required for graduation in the fourth year. All of these seminars are designed to provide students with practical education in small groups.

Faculty of Health and Well-being

The "Humor Study Program" is a new addition to our faculty from 2014. This enables the third-year students to extend their scholarly interest to a new research field while also taking specialized seminars in their selected courses.
The faculty's campus is located in Sakai, a government-ordinance-designed city in Osaka Prefecture. In cooperation with the city, the faculty aims to promote regional projects regarding sports, well-being and welfare, while providing opportunities for students to learn about how to create a healthy lifestyle through community sports and field work.

A "Class-1 Teaching License" for junior and senior high school (in Physical Education) can be acquired upon completion of required programs. Students can take include official instructor licenses issued by the Japan Amateur Sports Association, and are eligible to sit national examinations for teaching credentials in sports and recreation, and students in the Social Work and Well-being Course can take various qualifications in the field of social welfare.

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