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Division of Community and Business Partnerships

  In addition to education and research, Kansai University regards contributing to society as an important mission. To carry out this mission, "Division of Community and Business Partnerships "(former name: "Headquarters of Public Collaboration") was founded in 2005 under the direct control of the president in order to contribute to society through industry-university-government cooperation, and community-university partnership. It establishes the policy of social-university cooperation and promotes some concrete action towards social-university cooperation. To perform its mission further, it was reorganized in 2008 and currently has six underlying centers: "Center for Business, Government, and Universities", "Center for Intellectual Property", "Center for Community Collaboration", "Center for High School and University Partnerships", "Center for Innovation and Creativity" and "Research Center for Naniwa-Osaka Studies".

Center for Business, Government, and Universities

Center for Intellectual Property

  Center for Business, Government, and Universities and Center for Intellectual Property were established to promote some concrete action towards industry-university-government cooperation, and also to protect intellectual property and to discover ways to utilize it for society's benefit. These centers conduct collaborative research with companies that are interested in research activities within Kansai University, and support the protection and use of intellectual assets in industry, this is to say the licensing of intellectual property belonging to Kansai University. Through these actions, these centers transfer technology invented at Kansai University to the business industry.

Center for Community Collaboration

  Center for Community Collaboration was established to promote cooperation with a community. The target of this center is to build a collaborative relationship with the community in various fields of education, culture, industry, and so on. To realize its purpose, the center has already concluded comprehensive agreements with several local governments and companies. Through these actions, it aims to enrich education and research programs that are inclusive of community interests, such as regional welfare and economy.

Examples of resolving community issues(pdf)

Center for Innovation and Creativity

  We established the Center for Innovation and Creativity in 2016 for the purpose of promoting interdisciplinary networking and interaction among the fields of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The Center’s ultimate goal is to play a key role in the advancement of both academic and economic/industrial development, through the provision of various types of assistance for industry-academia-government collaboration, technology transfer, and human-resource development. In line with this, the Center will provide support for joint research initiatives and personnel development in different areas, toward the creation of new business ventures.

Research Center for Naniwa-Osaka Studies

  To fulfill our responsibility as a university firmly woven into the social fabric of Osaka, we established the Research Center for Naniwa-Osaka Studies in 2016. The Center’s mission is to harness the integrated sciences and act as a hub of regional research revolving around Osaka, with a view to passing on the essence of Osaka’s cultural legacy to future generations.

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