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Chizuko Higashino, KU Dai-Ichi Junior High School Teacher, Set for Polar Research Expedition

Chizuko Higashino, Kansai University Dai-ichi junior high school teacher, was selected to accompany the summer party of the 53rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, which will leave Japan this November, by the National Institute of Polar Research on June 16.

Ms. Higashino will be dispatched from the end of November 2011 until the middle of March 2012. During this period, she will give lectures on the Antarctic Pole via a satellite TV system from Showa Station.

"Through the reports based on my observations," she said, "I would like to show the current situation and possible future of the global environment. Also, I would like to give lectures which will raise people's interest in the Antarctic Pole by reporting on daily life and days with 24 hours of sunlight, which is difficult to imagine in Japan."

Antarctic Pole
*Photo courtesy of the National Institute of Polar Research.

Chizuko Higashino

Chizuko Higashino, Kansai University Dai-Ichi Junior High School Teacher.

July 14, 2011 02:05 PM  UP

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