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Graduate School of Health and Well-being

  As the population ages and fewer babies are born, Japan faces mounting problems related to medical care, nursing-care, and welfare. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the government and public bodies to tackle these serious issues on their own. To lead healthy and happy lives, we need to shift our mode of passive thinking, where we simply expect services to be provided by the government, to a more proactive consciousness understanding the necessity to care for our own health. Moreover, a paradigm shift is needed to be more creative in promoting health in our communities.

  From now on, Japanese society as a whole needs to engage in the promotion of a more healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercises and sports for the prevention of illness, developing health enhancing activities on scientific basis, and constructing a generally cheerful social environment.

  To respond to these needs, the Graduate School of Health and Well-being commenced in April, 2014. Through cultivating professional health exercise instructors, experts in physical education, community social welfare workers, and researchers with both interdisciplinary and practical skills, our aim is to take on the health problems faced by modern society, and help find viable solutions.

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Master's Program

  • Health and Well-being Major

Doctoral Program

  • Health and Well-being Major


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