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Faculties and Undergraduate Degrees

A Message from the President

  Kansai University provides its students with extensive knowledge and guidance in such fields as law, letters, economics...


Graduate Schools

History of Kansai University

  The Kansai University Graduate School aims to conduct research, and to provide both theoretical and practical instruction...


School of Law


  Law schools in Japan were certified to operate from April of 2004. These law schools follow a new model of graduate legal education...


School of Accountancy

Communication Mark

  The Graduate School of Accountancy, established in April, 2006, aims to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become...


Graduate School of Professional Clinical Psychology

KU Web Movie

  Graduate School of Professional Clinical Psychology, opening in April 2009, is a graduate school dedicated to the training of highly advanced ...


Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka)

Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program (Bekka)

  As part of an international initiative at Kansai University, we opened Kansai University Minami-Senri International Plaza in April, 2012. ...


ICIS-Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies

The Four Seasons on the Campus

  The Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies was set up under the "Establishment of a Center of Excellence for Cultural Interaction in East Asia" program...


Kansai University Research Institutes

Kansai University in Osaka

  The Institute was established in 1951 to contribute to the harmony and understanding of cultures all over the world...


System for Academic Information

Location and Transportation

  This is the Information Database which stores academic information including the research achievements of teaching staff, graduate students and post doctoral fellows. The system enables information searches by keyword, affiliation, field of specialization etc.


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