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Entrance Examinations for International Graduate Students

  Kansai University conducts entrance examinations for foreign nationals who wish to study as regular degree-seeking graduate students. Regular graduate students will be awarded a master's degree (in a Master's Degree program) or a Ph.D. degree (in a Ph.D. Degree program) upon meeting the following requirements: remaining in the program for the specified period of time, earning the specified number of credits, receiving necessary instruction and training, producing a thesis or dissertation of acceptable quality, and passing the examinations conducted.

  If you want to study as an international student, you need to take and pass the entrance examination (document screening, paper examination and oral examination) for the graduate school of your choice. For more details, please check the Application Guidelines of the graduate school.

  In Kansai University's graduate programs, most of the instruction is provided in Japanese. Therefore, it is important for students to have a command of general Japanese as well as being proficient in academic Japanese essential for learning at any level of higher education in Japan, and also be familiar with the special terminology associated with the subjects they wish to study. On the other hand, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and the Graduate School of Societal safety sciences also provide an English-based Program. For further details, please check out the English-based Program website.

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