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  As an important area of academic exchange, we encourage interaction with overseas researchers.
There are a number of exchange programs in place at Kansai University to support interaction with overseas researchers, such as the "University's Domestic and Overseas Research Program," in which our researchers can conduct research activities at overseas research institutions, the "Exchange Scholars Program" and the "Visiting Scholars Program." Also, the university has established several programs, in which financial support is provided by the Kansai University international exchange research fund, to encourage international events: "Research Collaboration with Partner Universities," "International Symposiums" and "International Conferences."

Dispatching ResearchersDivision of International Affairs (Dispatching Researchers)

  There are two researcher dispatch programs in place at Kansai University: "University's Domestic and Overseas Research Program" and "Exchange Scholars Program."

Accepting ResearchersDivision of International Affairs (Accepting Researchers)

  Kansai University accepts researchers from overseas as "Exchange Scholars from Overseas" or "Visiting Scholars."

Research GrantsDivision of International Affairs (Research Grants)

  In accordance with the "Policy on Grants from the International Exchange Aid Fund," grants may be received for International Symposia and International Conferences to contribute to the promotion of Internal Exchange at Kansai University.

Casebook of International ActivitiesDivision of International Affairs (Casebook of International Activities) (Japanese)

  We have documented various international activities conducted by seminars or researchers and have introduced some of them as "Casebook of International Activities in Kansai University" on our website from April 2017. This Casebook covers a wide theme, such as ," Dispatch of students to foreigh universities "," Acceptance of students from foreign universities"," Research about specific countries or areas ","Collaborative research with foreign researchers","Interaction with foreign governments, municipalities, and companies" and so on.

Kansai University e-bulletinDivision of International Affairs (Kansai University e-bulletin)

  On this website, we offer information transmitted to overseas media about the research activities of researchers at Kansai University. This website introduces their research activities in various academic fields in English.

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