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Takatsuki Campus

Takatsuki Campus Map

A next-generation educational hub, equipped with advanced information functions to lead the new multi-media era

This campus of approx. 450,000 m² is about 11 times the size of Hanshin Koshien Stadium, and is located on a gentle hill half way between Osaka and Kyoto. Contained with these spacious premises are classroom buildings equipped with the latest educational and research facilities, a seminar house, and state-of-the-art sports facilities, including a year-round ice skating arena. However, the most distinctive feature of this campus is the new multi-media era leading cutting-edge ICT functions, which makes it the most ideal learning environment for fostering information technology generalists of the next generation.

Faculty of Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics.

2-1-1 Ryozenji-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-1095
Tel: +81-72-690-2161

Access to Takatsuki Campus

Campus Map

Kansai University Campus Map (Takatsuki)

Kansai University Campus Map (Takatsuki)

Faculty of Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics

1 Bldg.A (Faculty Office, Administration Office)
2 Bldg.B (Classrooms, Library)
3 Bldg.C (Computer Rooms, Studio, MonoLab, Student Service Station)
4 Bldg.D (Graduate School)
5 Bldg.E (Classrooms)
6 Bldg.F (Research Center for Networking)
7 Bldg.K (Seminar Rooms, Laboratories, Center for Career Development, Health Room)
8 Bldg.L (Cafeteria, Store)
9 Bldg.S (Student House)
10 Bldg.R (Research House)
11 Bldg.G (Gymnasium)
12 All Weather Court
13 Horseriding Ground
14 Golf Range
15 Tennis Courts
16 Athletic Ground 1
17 Athletic Ground 2
19 Athletic Ground 3 (Baseball Ground)
20 Seminar House KOUGAKUKAN


A TE Hall
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