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Fostering individuals who can lead, connect, initiate and create
– Providing a space for implementing "action-from-thought" –

Kansai University defines its ethos in the following words: "Looking social realities in the face, and meeting the challenges presented by social change, KU human resources fully capable of 'action-from-thought' will open up new worlds." The phrase "action-from-thought" means thinking for oneself, and acting autonomously and assertively.

As a space for implementing "action-from-thought," KANDAI Me RISE aims to become a new base where the regional and local community and the university can grow and develop together. And, besides meeting the need for the advancement and diversification of learning, we will be leveraging our favorable location to promote all sorts of interchange, and disseminating the university's intellectual resources.
Based on the concept of "fostering individuals who can lead, connect, initiate and create, and providing a space for implementing 'action-from-thought,'" we fervently aspire to become a magnet attracting large numbers of people, not only from the university community, but also from the wider world.

Visiting KANDAI Me RISE prompts people to start new things, widen their network of interpersonal connections, deepen their knowledge, and more. We offer the kind of content that leads people to rethink their current lifestyles and adopt new ways of thinking. To learn more, see "main operations" below.


"KANDAI Me RISE," a nickname for Umeda Campus, symbolizing the campus' intention to break free from the limitations of the past. It hints that, using KANDAI (Kansai University and Umeda Campus), one ("Me") can "RISE" up towards the future. In other words, the name is filled with a spirit of aspiration towards achieving great things and building on one's talents.
It also ties in with the slogan for the university's 130th anniversary, which was "building and extending our traditions into the future." A competition was held to choose the name of this new facility, and "KANDAI Me RISE" was chosen from over 500 entries.

Main operations

Detailed information for each floor


Membership-based co-working space for interaction across industries

Have you ever felt the urge to create an environment where you can build your own network of like-minded business people, or concentrate on learning to maximize your career potential? Maybe you've never had the chance to act on that urge. Or maybe you made start, but couldn't keep things going. We know plenty of people who feel the same way.

Here at Kansai University, we've created a space in Umeda, Osaka, for people like you. Here you can have some space to yourself for working quietly. You can also use communal spaces to interact with like-minded people on an ongoing basis, building and expanding your own brand-new human network.

Our space gives you a third base of operations, that is neither your workplace nor your home. Here you can keep yourself updated through encounters with new information and new people. Imagine Osaka as a venue where everyone has the chance to meet new people and acquire new knowledge and enjoy learning from each other. This is the vision that we, at Kansai University, have for the future.


KANDAI Me RISE Manabi Plaza

A new learning space for adults brimming with intellectual curiosity

Manabi Plaza will be taking over some of the functions previously provided at Tenroku Campus, which closed in 2014, having served the citizens of Osaka for many years, and earned their appreciation. It will also see the roll-out of various new programs to be made available at the new Umeda Campus.

We have prepared a wide and varied range of programs, including various lifelong learning programs and seminars, previously held on various campuses. Aiming to respond to people's desire for more and deeper knowledge, we offer this "learning space" to those who want to rub shoulders with education and culture on a casual basis.

It's ideal for people who:

  • want to acquire deeper knowledge on a casual basis
  • want to explore opportunities for learning
  • need to feed their intellectual curiosity


  • Lectures given by university teaching staff can be attended on a casual basis
  • Knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines is available in one place
  • Located 5 minutes' walk from Umeda Station, Manabi Plaza has outstandingly convenient transport access

List of events

Support for starting a business

A place where you can bring your ideas closer to reality, and interact with others in a similar position.
A place where you can meet like-minded people.

The STARTUP CAFE hosts seminars and consultations offering the chance to learn directly from successful entrepreneurs and specialists. It provides a space where you can meet and talk to other people with business ideas they want to realize and ideas for companies they want to start up – in other words, other people who are interested in starting a business and support to that end.

Here at the STARTUP CAFE, we want people to be aware that starting their own business is one of the options available when thinking about their own career and way of life. By creating a space for entrepreneurial learning and encounters, and providing support for people actually intending to start up a business, we are helping to kindle a startup culture in the Kansai region.

It’s ideal for people who:

  • want to turn their business ideas into reality
  • are toying with the idea of starting a business
  • want to listen to conversations about starting a business


  • You can consult professionals
  • You can meet like-minded people
  • You can attend seminars at no charge


Future Meeting

A space for arriving at new insights and creating future value through dialog

Future Meeting at KANDAI Me RISE, Kansai University Umeda Campus, is a place where specialists and stakeholders from different fields can gather and hold open and creative dialogs, transcending the barriers between government, regional community, industry, nonprofits and other sectors.

Future Meeting is a space for dialog, designed to create connections between people, and also a "knowledge amplifier" helping to solve the problems of the region and of wider society. Our aim is for conversations to take place across industries, engendering new ideas and bringing into existence a sustainable "co-creation society."

It’s ideal for people who:

  • are looking for new knowledge not available within their own organization
  • want to create a personal network that will introduce them to new, wider perspectives


  • You can get new ideas
  • You can talk to people from a range of different industries
  • You can consider things from a future-conscious perspective

Graduate Education for Working People

Practical and advanced graduate education for working people, available on weekday evenings and in the daytime on Saturdays

KANDAI Me RISE seeks to meet the need for advanced education for working people, and to contribute to society by plowing the university's intellectual assets back into the community. This is an embodiment of the idea of "gaku no jitsuge," or "harmony between academia and society" that is the motto of Kansai University. A Retraining and Graduate Education Program for Working People is to be launched as an educational program based at Umeda Campus, with the aim of training human resources for companies planning overseas expansion. Besides educating highly-skilled professionals, this will encourage working people to undergo retraining.

Some graduate courses will also be made available to working people, providing educational programs in an easily-accessible environment, for those seeking advanced specialist knowledge.

It’s ideal for people who:

  • are seeking specialist business knowledge
  • want to advance their career
  • want to open their minds to new ways of thinking


  • Conveniently located in the city center, allowing you to use your time effectively
  • The university library can be used for research and study on your days off work
  • It offers the chance to interact with people from other industries

Retraining and Graduate Education Program for Working People

Launch of Courses for Working People at the Graduate School of Accountancy

Career Center Umeda Office

This powerful ally of Kansai University students has now re-opened five minutes' walk from the station.

To provide powerful support for Kansai University students looking for jobs in Osaka, the Career Center Umeda Office has re-opened on the 5th floor of KANDAI Me RISE (Kansai University Umeda Campus).

The office provides a range of helpful services, including job-seeking consultation sessions, a reference library, and internet access for looking up company information. Company research workshops, recruitment briefing sessions and other events will be held in the seminar rooms.

Career Center Umeda Office

Floor-by-floor overview

8F KANDAI Me RISE Hall Wheelchair-accessible toilet
Accommodating up to around 250 persons, this hall is ideal for lifelong learning, events and more. Thanks to the availability of a catering service, it can also be used for receptions and similar events.
7F Classrooms and seminar rooms (for medium-sized groups) Vending machines Wheelchair-accessible toilet
This is the main area for lifelong learning and other class activities. It can also be used for breaks, research results presentations, disseminating information and more.
6F Classrooms and seminar rooms (for small- to medium-sized groups) Wheelchair-accessible toilet
This area is mainly used for classes held as part of the Retraining Program for Working People, and other graduate programs.
5F Career Center Umeda Office Vending machines Wheelchair-accessible toilet
This office provides powerful support for Kansai University students (undergraduates and graduates) looking for jobs.
A membership salon for interaction across industries
Multipurpose rooms
Vending machines Wheelchair-accessible toilet
Besides a membership salon for interaction across industries, the floor is equipped with multi-purpose rooms. They will be used for disseminating information and hosting social events, interactive seminars and more.
A membership salon for
interaction across industries
Wheelchair-accessible toilet
This is a membership-based salon targeted mainly at business persons. It functions as a forum where members can establish interpersonal connections and create new value in a high-quality space.
a contact point for business startup support
Umeda Campus Office
Wheelchair-accessible toilet
Provided as a point of contact for entrepreneurial training, the STARTUP CAFE will be hosting a wide variety of free-admission events and seminars offering useful advice on entrepreneurship and business creation.
Smoking room Multi-purpose toilet (with baby changing table, ostomate facilities) Wheelchair-accessible toilet
This is a bookstore combined with a cafe. As a base for information dissemination, it provides a space where ordinary people from a wide variety of backgrounds can get together.
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Multi-purpose toilet (with baby changing table, ostomate facilities)
  • Vending machines
  • Smoking room

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