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Senriyama Campus

Senriyama Campus Map

This large campus of 350,000 m² is surrounded by beautiful greenery, and provides an environment to foster free-spirited individuals.

Since its establishment in 1922, Senriyama Campus has continuously developed as a base for academic education, focusing on the university’s philosophy. It has now become an extensive educational and research location of some 350,000 m², and consists of a number of classroom buildings for the various faculties, along with certain other facilities. Situated in an ideal location, easily accessible from the city center, it is surrounded by rich greenery spreading over the hills of Senriyama. This campus offers an excellent educational environment for our university in its aim to foster students with creativity and free spirit, which we call “Kandai Spirit.” Students here are actively engaged in study, research and extracurricular activities to explore their full potential, and a number of their achievements are coming to be more recognized around the world.

Faculties of Law, Letters, Economics, Business and Commerce, Sociology, Policy Studies, Foreign Language Studies, Engineering Science, Environmental and Urban Engineering and Faculty of Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering, and Graduate Schools.

3-3-35 Yamate-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-8680
Tel: +81-6-6368-1121

Access to Senriyama Campus

Campus Map

Kansai University Campus Map (Senriyama)

Kansai University Campus Map (Senriyama)

1 Area 1 (Faculties of Law, Letters, Policy Studies, Foreign Language Studies; Cafeteria, Store)
1-1 Bldg.1, Area 1 / Senri Hall A・B
1-2 Bldg.2, Area 1
1-3 Bldg.3, Area 1
1 Bldg.4, Area 1
1-5 Bldg.5, Area 1
1-ken HOBUN Research Laboratory
2 Area 2 (Faculties of Economics, Business & Commerce; School of Accountancy, Center for Academic Affairs, Center for Teaching & Learning, Center for Teacer Certification & Development, Division of International Affairs, Multilingual Immersion Room, CARES-Osaka Bureau, Cafeteria, Store)
2-1 Bldg.1, Area 2
2-2 Bldg.2, Area 2
2-3 Bldg.3, Area 2
2-4 Bldg.4, Area 2 / BIG Hall 100
3 Area 3 (Faculty of Sociology, Cafeteria, Store)
3-1 Bldg.1, Area 3
3-2 Bldg.2, Area 3
3-3 Bldg.3, Area 3
3-4 Bldg.4, Area 3 / Socio AV Large Hall
4 Area 4 (Faculties of Engineering Science, Environmental & Urban Engineering, Chemistry, Materials & Bioengineering; Career Center for Science & Engineering (Bldg.1), Store)
4-1 Bldg.1, Area 4
4-2 Bldg.2, Area 4
4-3 Bldg.3, Area 4
4-3 Bldg.4, Area 4
4-3 Laboratory Bldg.1~6, Area 4
5 IWASAKI KINENKAN (English Language Instruction Network Center)
6 SHOBUNKAN (Graduate Schools, Graduate School of Professional Clinical Psychology) / Multimedia AV Large Hall
7 IBUNKAN (School of Law, Institute for Innovative Global Education, Open Research Center for Asian Studies, Cafeteria, Store)
8 University Library
9 KANBUNKAN (Museum, University Archival Gallery, Research Center for Naniwa-Osaka Studies, Institute of Human Rights Studies)
10 ENSHINKAN (Center for Information Technology)
11 Research Institute for Socionetwork Strategies, Economics & Commerce Researchers Office, International Education Support Office, Office for SUCCESS-Osaka Project Promotion
12 Frontier Sciences Core (Organization for Research & Development of Innovative Science & Technology(ORDIST), Center for Business, Government & Universities; Center for Intellectual Property)
13 Center for Innovation & Creativity
14 High Technology Research Core (Organization for Research & Development of Innovative Science & Technology(ORDIST))
15 KOJIMA KOREKATA-KAN (Institute of Economic & Political Studies, Institute of Oriental & Occidental Studies [Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies], Institute of Legal Studies, Psychological Services Center Senriyama Counseling Room)
16 Researchers Office
17 SHIN-KANSAIDAIGAKU-KAIKAN North Bldg. (Center for Student Study & Counseling, Student Counseling Room, Center for Admissions, Medical Center, Center for Career Development), SHIN-KANSAIDAIGAKU-KAIKAN North Bldg. Hall
18 SHIN-KANSAIDAIGAKU-KAIKAN South Bldg. (Information Center, Division of Research Development, Division of Community & Business Partnerships, Center for Community Collaboration, Center for High Schoool & University Partnerships, Cashiers Division, Restaurant)
19 SHUREIRYO (International Student House)
20 Senriyama East Gymnasium
21 Senriyama Central Gymnasium (Store)
22 Senriyama Central Athletic Ground
24 Kyudo Range
25 Mediapark RINPUKAN (Student Support Division, Scholarships & Financial Aid Division, Volunteer Activities Support Division, Collaboration Commons, Cafeteria, Shops)
26 SEISHIKAN 2·3 (Clubrooms)
27 SEISHIKAN 4 / KU Symphony Hall
28 GAIFUKAN / SEISHIKAN 5 (Athletics Clubrooms)
29 YURINKAN / SEISHIKAN 6 (Clubrooms)
30 SHIN-GAIFUKAN / SEISHIKAN 7 (Athletic Clubrooms, Sports Promotion Group)
31 YOSHINKAN / SEISHIKAN 8 (Sports Complex)
32 YUKYU NO NIWA (Open Space)
34 TAKAMATSUZUKA KOFUN "Ancient Tomb" Exhibition Room
35 ASUKA NO NIWA (Open Space)
36 HISHO NO NIWA (Japanese Garden)
37 Extension Center
38 SHINWAKAN (Hall, Cafeteria)
39 Kansai University Dai-ichi Senior High School
40 Kansai University Dai-ichi Junior High School
41 SHUREIKAN (Senior/Junior High School Gymnasium)
42 Kansai University Kindergarten
43 KANSAIDAIGAKU-KAIKAN (Administration Office, Kansai University Press)
44 Centenary Memorial Hall (Swimming Pool, KANDAI Pansee, Kansai University Mutual Aid Association Office)
47 KOYUFUBOKAIKAN (Alumni & Alumnae Association, Parents' Association)
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