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Sakai Campus

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With close ties to Sakai City, the campus is a base for regional contributions where students and citizens interact and exchange ideas

Sakai Campus is located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, which is one of the cities in Japan designated as major cities by the government, and one of the hub cities in the Kansai region. The campus was opened in 2010 in line with the city’s invitational project to higher education institutions, and the accreditation and establishment of the Faculty of Health and Well-being of our university followed. This campus of approx. 30,000 m² is adjacent to Asakayama Station on the Koya Line of Nankai Electric Railway, and provides an ideal environment for education and research. Its overall purpose is to facilitate the functions of social contribution, such as cooperation with local communities and industry-government-academia collaborations.
In addition, the campus houses some unique facilities, including “Experiential Learning area” to be used as an educational opportunity for active learning in schools, and Japan’s first “Humor Science Research Center.”
This is also home to the Faculty of Health and Well-being, which aims at education and research in the areas of sports and welfare. It actively implements programs to contribute to the local community through close ties with Sakai City and other local governments, and conducts a variety of support and partnership projects to help local residents enjoy a healthier and richer lifestyle.

Faculty of Health and Well-being, Graduate School of Health and Well-being.

1-11-1 Kaorigaoka-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-8515
Tel: +81-72-229-5022

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Campus Map

Kansai University Campus Map (Sakai)

Kansai University Campus Map (Sakai)

Faculty of Health & Well-being, Graduate School of Health & Well-being

1 Bldg.A (Classrooms, Center for Career Development, Office, Health Room)
2 Bldg.B (Classrooms, Library, Cafeteria, Store)
3 Gymnasium (Arena, Budo & Fitness Gym, Training Room)
4 Swimming Pool
5 Facility for Experiential Learning Activities
6 Evergreen (Open Space)
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