With Professor Roy Thurik

執筆者:由里 直・八田 知尋(亀井ゼミ)

My name is Nao Yuri.

Thank you for coming to our class today. I could know a lot from Prof. Thurik and it was fun. I was able to learn about the Netherlands. I thought why economic ability declined in Japan. I think that it is because the bubble era was over. I would like to know it in detail.

My name is Chihiro Hatta.

Hello,I took Mr.Thurik's class, and I received stimulation very much. A class in English in particular was fresh.

I was impressed by a conversation with Ms.Adachi. She is good speaker in England. I respect her.

And,I respect you very much too, Mr,Thurik.

I would like to visit your country, the Netherland,

The Netherland is beautefull country.

But,I was surprised that a water-related disaster hid behind in the Netherlands history and at the back of the economic development.

Japan too. fx,TSUNAMI.

I thought Japan and Netherland are similar too.

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