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Umeda Campus

Umeda Campus

KANDAI Me RISE (KANDAI MIRAIZU) – An urban hub that acts as a magnet for all those connected to Kandai who aim to take up key roles in the future

Umeda Campus was established in October 2016 as a new hub where universities, students, communities, and general society can develop further, under the concept of “providing places to think and act – to foster individuals who can lead, connect, initiate and create.”

A bookstore and cafés have been set up on the first and second floors to provide venues for a large number of people to meet and interact with both university insiders and others, particularly at the “Startup Café Osaka” established on the second floor as a base to support entrepreneurs. The key feature of this café is its openness, as it is open not only to Kandai students, but to anyone who would like to seek advice on starting a business. On the third floor, there is a membership-only salon for interaction between different industries. This acts as a base for exchange, where a wide variety of people can expand their personal networks and create new business.

In addition, there are a wide range of educational programs offered to respond to the increasingly diverse requirements for life-long learning. The Center for Career Development Umeda Office on the fifth floor provides strong support for job-seeking students. The Umeda Campus works in close cooperation with businesses and institutions outside the university to host a large number of events on cutting-edge societal topics. Students can thus use this campus as the venue for their career development.

The Umeda Campus utilizes the educational and research achievements of Kansai University and also actively coordinates with the local region to respond to the increasingly sophisticated and diverse requirements of society in the future. It aims to energize not only Osaka, but the whole of Japan.

Umeda Campus Office

  • Startup support
  • KANDAI Me RISE Club(Membership Salon)
  • Open seminars for adults

Tel: +81-6-4256-6410

Center for Career Development Umeda Office
Tel: +81-6-4256-6504

1-5 Tsuruno-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0014

Access to Umeda Campus

Campus Map

Kansai University Campus Map (Umeda Campus)

Kansai University Campus Map (Umeda Campus)




Startup support


Membership salon


KANDAI Me RISE Lab(Multipurpose room)

5F Center for Career Development
6/7F Retraining and life-long learning for adults
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