Teacher Introduction

Multi-angular / Multidiscipline
/ Multi-layered
Penetrating Societal
Safety Sciences

Publications on the societal safety sciences
have been getting more organized.

Faculty Members

Full-time faculty members
(teachers who are always at school to engage in educational affairs, guide job seeking students, and advise for students’ life, besides teaching lessens)

  1. Koji Ichii

    Koji Ichii [Professor][Associate Dean] ■Subjects of Instruction: Seismic Engineering
    Risk Assessment Methods

  2. Daisuke Ito

    Daisuke Ito [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Vehicle Crash Safety
    Impact Biomechanics
    Product Safety

  1. Yoshihiro Okumura

    Yoshihiro Okumura [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Integrated Disaster Reduction
    Natural Disaster Case Studies

  2. Katsuyuki Kamei

    Katsuyuki Kamei [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Risk Management
    Crisis Management and Leadership

  1. Toshihiro Kawaguchi

    Toshihiro Kawaguchi [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Crowd Safety
    Introduction to Physical Science

  2. Kenji Koshiyama

    Kenji Koshiyama [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Fire Disaster
    Urban Design for Disaster Mitigation

  1. Tomofumi Koyama

    Tomofumi Koyama [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Geodisaster
    Practicum in Geographic Information System

  2. Seiji Kondo

    Seiji Kondo [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Disaster Journalism
    Disaster Information

  1. Toshio Takatorige

    Toshio Takatorige [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Public Health Policy
    Food Safety

  2. Kazuhiko Takano

    Kazuhiko Takano [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Regulatory Compliance
    Business Law for Safely and Security

  1. Tomoyuki Takahashi

    Tomoyuki Takahashi [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Hydrosphere Disaster
    Practicum in Disaster Simulation

  2. Shoji Tsuchida

    Shoji Tsuchida [Professor][Dean] ■Subjects of Instruction: Social Psychology
    Risk Perception

  1. Shohzo Nagata

    Shohzo Nagata [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Public Administration
    Administration of Disaster Mitigation

  2. Shingo Nagamatsu

    Shingo Nagamatsu [Professor][Associate Dean] ■Subjects of Instruction: Economics of Risk and Disasters
    Public Policy

  1. Takahiro Nakamura

    Takahiro Nakamura [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Psychology
    Human Errors

  2. Yoshinari Hayashi

    Yoshinari Hayashi [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Earthquake Disaster
    Mathematics II for Safety Science

  1. Sorami Hirokawa

    Kumi Hirokawa [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Mental health
    Occupational safety and health

  2. Shigeo Hosokawa

    Shigeo Hosokawa [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Thermo-fluid dynamics in safety systems
    Plant safety
    Safety system

  1. Tadahiro Motoyoshi

    Tadahiro Motoyoshi [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Disaster Psychology
    Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences

  2. Eiichi Yamasaki

    Eiichi Yamasaki [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Administrative Law for Safety and Security
    Law of Local Government

  1. Yutaka Yoshida

    Yutaka Yoshida [Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Transportation Systems

  2. Makiko Okamoto

    Makiko Okamoto [Associate Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Consumer safety laws
    Accident investigation system theory

  1. Kinzo Kuwana

    Kinzo Kuwana [Associate Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Insurance
    Property and Casualty Insurance for Traffic Accidents

  2. Kazuhiro Kono

    Kazuhiro Kono [Associate Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Information Security
    Practicum in Artificial Intelligence

  1. Hideyuki Shiroshita

    Hideyuki Shiroshita [Associate Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Disaster Mitigation and Safety Education

  2. Mashiho Suga

    Mashiho Suga [Associate Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Disaster Response and Recovery
    Methods of Social Research

  1. Shinetsu Sugawara

    Shinetsu Sugawara [Associate Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Science
    Technology and Society
    Principles of Safety Management
    Risk governance

  2. Keisuke Fukui

    Keisuke Fukui [Associate Professor] ■Subjects of Instruction: Statistical Science

Specially Invited Professor
(teachers who have remarkable achievements in the research field)

  1. Yoshiaki Kawata

    Yoshiaki Kawata [Specially Appointed Professor] ■Profile Director of the Research Center for Societal Safety Sciences ■Subjects of Instruction: Natural Disaster Case Studies

Specially Invited Professor / Visiting Professor
(Part-time faculty member who is invited from outside)

  1. Yutaka Katagiri

    Yutaka Katagiri [Visiting Professor] ■Profile Council for Public Policy Chief Director ■Specialized fields Police policy

  2. Shoji Kusunoki

    Shoji Kusunoki [Visiting Professor] ■Profile Meteorological Research Institute
    Department of Climate and Geochemistry Research
    Guest scientist ■Specialized fields Meteorology,Climatology,
    Global warming projection

  1. Kouichi Sumida

    Kouichi Sumida [Visiting Professor] ■Profile Professor, Faculty of Arts, Broadcast Department, Osaka University of Arts ■Specialized fields Broadcast, Disaster Information

  2. Koju Nagai

    Koju Nagai [Visiting Professor] ■Profile PDirector of Answer Law Offices ■Specialized fields Law

  1. Yuichi Morita

    Yuichi Morita [Visiting Professor] ■Profile Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
    Director, Volcano Observation Laboratory, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience ■Specialized fields Observational Volcanology