Teacher Introduction

Mashiho Suga

Associate Professor Mashiho Suga

Specialized fields / Subject
Sociology (Disaster Sociology, Citizen Activities)

Mail address: sugam

Expert’s Eyes

 When I was a child, I loved mountains, fields, and grass, and I wanted to be a botanist who walks in nature searching rare flowers, but when I noticed, it was my job to watch "people" who relate to disasters and accidents. I have realized the problems in our lives by hearing the story of those who have suffered from disasters and have experienced hard and troublesome experiences. Also, I have been surprised at the miracles created by efforts and ingenuity of people who support disaster areas. There are still needs to support people in the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the support to connect individual efforts and public supports is expected. I like to continue studying the social relationship with "support."

Brief Personal History

Sep. 1996:
Completed the Master’s Course at Graduate School of Social Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University (Master of Social Welfare)
Jun. 1997:
Specialist of the Tokyo Volunteer Center, Tokyo Council of Social Welfare (current Tokyo Volunteer Action Center) (until Oct. 2000)
Apr. 1999:
Part-time lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering, Waseda University (until Mar. 2010)
Apr. 2002:
Full-time researcher of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Association, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (until Mar. 2005)
Apr. 2005:
Specially appointed teacher of CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF CO* DESIGN, Osaka University (teaching associate: until Mar. 2006, lecturer: until Mar. 2010)
Apr. 2006:
Received Ph. D. in Natural Science from Kobe University
Apr. 2010:
Associate professor of the Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University