Teacher Introduction

Hideyuki Shiroshita

Associate Professor Hideyuki Shiroshita

Specialized fields / Subject
Disaster Mitigation and Safety Education

Mail address: hideyuki

Expert’s Eyes

 Due to the image of the school “education”, disaster prevention “education” is often thought of as learning knowledge about disaster prevention and to acquire its related skills. Of course, it is important to learn the knowledge and techniques led from the results of scientific research on disaster prevention, and to implement them. On the other hand, in the field of disaster prevention, there are many problems which cannot be effectively dealt with by using scientific knowledge and technology alone. Education for exploring the learning to solve these problems and realize that learning is required.

Remarkable File

・Implemented practical disaster prevention activities in Osaka Prefecture Izumiotsu City, Osaka City Higashiyodogawa Ward, Wakayama Prefecture Inami Town, Aichi Prefecture Komaki City, and other areas. ・Conducted research activities overseas, in Nepal, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, etc., and conducted collaborative research, joint seminars, etc. ・Northumbria University(the United Kingdom)Disaster and Development Network affiliate. ・Participate in writing: Shiroshita, H. (2018). Is disaster education just knowledge transmission? Co-learning and disaster governance in Japan. In Forino, G., Bonati, S., Calandra, L., M. (Eds.), Governance of Risk, Hazards and Disasters Trends in Theory and Practice. Routledge, etc. ・Acquired Type 2 Electrician's certificate only for adding outlets at his own home.

Brief Personal History

Mar. 2004:
Graduated from the Department of Business Administration, School of Economics, Nagoya University
Mar. 2006:
Completed the Master’s Course in Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University (Master of Informatics)
Mar. 2010:
Completed the Doctoral Course in Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University (Ph. D. in Informatics)
Apr. 2010:
Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University (until Mar. 2015)
Apr. 2015:
Associate Professor of the above Faculty