Teacher Introduction

Kazuhiko Takano

Professor Kazuhiko Takano

Specialized fields / Subject
Information law and business law as comparative law studies, Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility

Mail address: takano
Website: https://www2.itc.kansai-u.ac.jp/~takano/

Expert’s Eyes

 I obtained a doctorate of law degree by conducting research on information law and business law as comparative law studies. Then, I extended the subject of my research to important themes in corporate compliance such as competition law, the law on the protection of whistleblowers, the anti-bribery law, and harassment, and also extended my research fields to corporate governance research and corporate social responsibility (CSR). After joining this university, I have further extended my fields to interdisciplinary study with the disaster prevention field, corporate crisis management, and BCP (business continuity plan).
 In recent years, various company scandals such as product accidents, quality falsification, and information leakage incidents have occurred, threatening the safety and security of society. These problems are the subject of compliance studies. However, they cannot be solved only by conducting compliance studies, and the optimal solution for that needs to be based on interdisciplinary study with business administration, CSR, etc. I am focusing on "interdisciplinary study" based on the study of law to explore the optimal solution for these problems, as well as to suggest how corporate management should be.

Remarkable File

1. Academic Societies & Scientific Organizations:
・Japan Society for Business Ethics(JABES) / Executive Director,Crisis Management Study Group / Chairperson
・Business Ethics Research Center(BERC) /Executive Director, Senior Researcher
・Japan Risk Management Society (JARMS) / Executive Director
・Social Risk Management Society(SRM) / Executive Director
・The Information Network Law Association Japan / Auditor
・Japan Institute of Law and Information Systems(JILIS) / Participation
・Japan DPO Association / Advisor
2.Social Activities(Current Main Positions Held):
・Aderans Co.,Ltd. / Independent Outside Director
・West Japan Railway Company / Membership of Group-Risk Management Committee, Advisor
・West Nippon Expressway Company Limited / Membership of Compliance Committee
・Benesse Foundation for Children / Executive Director
・Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd. / Chairperson of the Management Audit Committee
・Advisory Committee About Utilization of Administrative Data in Kobe City
3.Past Main Positions Held:
・Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. / Membership of Advisory Committee(2016~2023)
・Kansai Electric Power Company,Inc./ Membership of the Management Audit Committee(2014~2022)
・Personal Information Protection Council in Kobe City(2016~2023)
・Other positions include Chairman of the Product Safety Public Relations Review Committee, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Membership of the QA Review Committee for the Personal Information Protection Law, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; First Chairperson of the Legal Affairs for Internet Society Study Group, Information Network Law Association, Japan.
4. Award history:
・Received the Excellent Work Prize from Japan Risk Management Society in 2008 (the award-winning work is my book "Compliance for Information Law and Internal Control"). ・In the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (MBA) at which he serves as a visiting professor, he received the "Teaching Award" which is an award given to "teachers who receive an extremely high evaluation in class surveys and became a role model" for four consecutive years (2013 through 2016). ・Kansai University Takano Seminar received the Excellent Performance Award (second place) in the 2014 and 2017 CSR Scheme Inter-Seminar (sponsored by Japan Society for Business Ethics), and third place in 2016, 2021 and 2023. 5. Major books:
・"Introduction to Business Ethics - Aiming for Sustainable Management" edited by Japan Society for Business Ethics , 2023. ・"Verification of the COVID-19 Disaster" edited by Kansai University Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, 2022. ・"Risk Management that Generates Resilience and Happiness Management" edited by Kazuo Ueda, 2021. ・"Societal Safety Sciences for Risk Management" edited by Kansai University Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, 2015. ・"Societal Safety Sciences for Disaster Prevention and Reduction" edited by Kansai University Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, 2014. ・"New Challenges in Privacy and Personal Information Protection" edited by Masao Horibe, 2010. ・"Compliance for Information Law and Internal Control, 2nd Edition" by Kazuhiko Takano , 2008. and many others.

Brief Personal History

Mar. 2007:
Completed the Doctoral Course in International Business and Law, Chuo University Graduate School of Law (Ph.D. in Law)
Nov. 1992:
Joined Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd. (current Benesse Holdings, Inc.) (until Mar. 2010)
Dec. 2007:
Part-time lecturer of the Department of Management, Graduate School of Commerce & Business, Nagoya University (concurrent)
Oct. 2008:
Visiting professor of the above Department (concurrent)
Apr. 2009:
Professor of the above Department (concurrent)
Apr. 2010:
Associate professor of the Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Graduate School of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University
Apr. 2012:
Professor of the above Faculty
Oct. 2014:
Vice dean & professor of the above Faculty (until Sep. 2016)