Environmental and Urban Engineering Major
Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering

In order to solve current energy and environmental problems, the importance of the major of chemical engineering is increasing. Chemical engineering contributes to clarify fundamental principles of phenomena and develop technologies necessary to produce various materials rationally by combining basic principles of chemical reactions and physical treatment such as distillation and precipitation for purification.
In the Chemical, Energy and Environmental Discipline, based on understandings of chemical reactions, studies on advanced technologies necessary to develop new processes are carried out widely. Furthermore, researches on the most rational chemical production system by combining individual technologies are carried out taking environmental sustainability into consideration.
In these days, the major of chemical engineering is not only for production of chemicals and materials, but also it is gaining importance in the viewpoint of environment protection based on wider standpoint. Namely, the older environment protection of limited area is changing to cover worldwide issues such as global warming by carbon dioxide, ozone depletion or acid rain. To cope with these global issues, knowledges on systematization based on chemical engineering is becoming inevitable.
In the doctoral program of the discipline, there are two research fields with eight research laboratories and the students are trained for subjects concerning resources, energy and environment necessary in the 21st century based on principles of chemical engineering. Students of graduated school, master course and doctor course, belong to a laboratory of their interest and prepare their theses together with their supervisor. The results of students researches are presented at domestic and foreign conferences and also published in prestigious journals. Doctors and masters graduated from chemical engineering discipline have accomplished important performances and are thus highly recognized in industries.

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