Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering Major
Life Science and Biotechnology

In the field of biotechnology engineering, it is characterized by multidisciplinary research, development application, of the following three subjects based on undergraduate education.
1)Understand the structures and functions of DNA and proteins related to higher-order life phenomena and learn biochemistry and molecular biology that will broadly learn their interactions
2)Learn the experimental technologies of life science and biotechnology such as synthesis of novel drugs and functional molecules, screening of new enzymes and microorganisms, cultivation of animal and plant cells, genetic engineering, protein engineering, and cell engineering
3)Acquire various fields such as the development and manufacturing of foods and medicines, basic research, conservation of the global environment, development of useful functional materials
Since 2009, we have set up three research areas, acquired the novel life sciences, the foundation of biotechnology, the expertise and technical aspects concerning each industry, and we are conducting comprehensive research on specific research topics. By doing so, we are acquiring the concepts and techniques of sophisticated intellectual production and aiming to train human resources with global problem solving abilities in various fields.

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