Kansai University

Engineering Science Major
Pure and Applied Physics

To unlock the mysteries of nature, the establishment of basic and profound rules in physics with a wide range of applicability is needed. The trend of physics changed drastically in the latter half of the 20th century. This is the time for us to borrow and apply knowledge from physics. The number of theoretical innovations has surged, and new theories are being developed one after another. Therefore, a shortage of engineers is now a problem. We must keep with theoretical innovations; if we cannot do so, we will be left irrecoverably behind. We need able workers with broad perspectives and specialist knowledge. Department of pure and applied physics offers specialized fields of fluid dynamics, thermofluid dynamics, nuclear theory, quantum many-body physics, plasma physics, solid state physics, materials science and ultrasonic engineering. Our department cultivates people of ability who can consider all aspects of a problem, and solve problems systematically, and are not only versed in their specialties but are also very widely educated. Graduates are anticipated to play a highly active role in industrial circles.

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