Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering Major
Chemistry and Materials Engineering

In bases of general chemistry, solid-state physics and biochemistry, you can explore the chemistry and engineering for creating new materials and technology, contributing a future industrial society. We especially study “MONOZUKURI”(manufacturing, fabrication, or production of things) for various materials (from hard to soft) by sophisticated high-technology including advanced materials science,
nano-technology and bio-related chemistry. Our engineering can provide electric and functional devices based on metallic and inorganic materials, and new materials, energy devices and highly selective catalysis based on applied chemistry, and biomedical materials and biologically functional molecules developed by using various characteristics of biological and synthetic molecules. The program provides an education for engineers and researchers who can perform state-of-the-art beneficial engineering, for human beings, from an extensive viewpoint.
Following research areas based on these educational theory are provided in department of chemistry and materials engineering.

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