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  • Admission and entrance exams
    •  Undergraduate
    •  Graduate School
    •  School of Law
    •  School of Accountancy
    •  Kansai University Dai-ichi Senior High School, Dai-ichi Junior High School or Kindergarten
    •  Kansai University Hokuyo Senior High School or Hokuyo Junior High School
    •  Kansai University Senior High School, Junior High School or Elementary School
    •  Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program (Bekka)
  • Faculties and Graduate Schools
    •  Faculty of Law
    •  Faculty of Letters
    •  Faculty of Economics
    •  Faculty of Business and Commerce
    •  Faculty of Sociology
    •  Faculty of Policy Studies
    •  Faculty of Foreign Language Studies
    •  Faculty of Foreign Health and Well-being
    •  Faculty of Engineering Science
    •  Faculty of Environmental and Urban Engineering
    •  Faculty of Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering
    •  Graduate School (except Graduate School of Informatics and Societal Safety Sciences)
    •  Faculty of Informatics or Graduate School of Informatics
    •  Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences or Graduate School of Societal Safety Sciences
    •  School of Law
    •  School of Accountancy
  •  Dormitories , and other cultural and academic extracurricular activities
  •  Scholarship
  •  Sports Club Activities
  •  International Exchange and studying abroad
  •  Career service for students and alumni
  •  Others

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