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IIGE is committed to offering educational support for various institutions in Japan and overseas to promote the COIL initiative in Japan. The training is offered in the form of on-site seminars, and webinars. We aim to deliver the sessions to many different audiences, including administrators, faculty members, and educational organizations who are interested in COIL practice.

Stay tuned for the seminar’s schedule. All seminars require pre-registration. Only registered participants will have access to the archived webinars.

In December 2021, Kansai University's Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE) ran a Kansai University IIGE international Forum 2021 as part of our support for educational activities for 2 days. This forum was composed of series of interactive webinars, workshops, and digital poster session utilizing the KU-DX (Kansai University Digital Transformation) platform, welcoming speakers and participants not only from a host of countries in Japan, but from in Asia, Europe and North America, to engage in an important discourse on the critical role COIL/VE (Virtual Exchange) plays in the future development of international education.


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Program Title Date of Delivery Start Time
International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC) 2020 2020. 9. 14-16

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