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Whitepaper Introduction

The IIGE Whitepaper, known as "I-Paper" is a resource periodically provided by this institute to followers interested in COIL and EduTech co-creation of next-generation international education and technology.

The first I-Paper issue, to be published in March 2019, will focus on the university's Inter-University Exchange Project “International education utilizing the COIL-model…” started in 2018. I would like to consider how we can develop the online international education practice of COIL throughout the university, not only as a “temporary subsidized program,” but rather as the cornerstone that leads to the “internationalization of the university” in a truly sustainable sense.

COIL is active learning. COIL is international education. COIL is a link to the world. It is a practice that requires experts from various fields to provide diverse knowledge and sought-after practices that lead to new co-creation.

Who is COIL for?

Who are the stakeholders involved in the orchestration of COIL?
How do we promote COIL at the university?
What is available beyond COIL?

The first section attempts to provide a general answer to these questions. There are also messages worth reading from many of the experts who participated in the IIGE kick-off symposium held in December 2018. If you are considering COIL, in Japan and now beginning all over the world, I would recommend first that you read the second and third sections of this I-Paper, which will report on its value and cover a wide range of topics.

Kansai University positioned COIL at the core of the initiative to internationalize the university, and has been promoting it since 2014. The project, brought to fruition in the past few years, may serve as a reference for your institution and other organizations as well.

The Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE) was established to further deepen the existing understanding of COIL, and boldly consider the larger category of Virtual Exchange and the ways in which it adapts to the future shifting of the international education paradigm, and disseminate it to you all.

I-Paper List

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